Culinary Instruction

Private instruction and group classes are available in your home, at the Serving Healthy kitchen, and we occassionally schedule classes in commercial kitchens and church kitchens.

In-Home Cooking Instruction and Cooking Parties

From one-on-one time in the kitchen to a group party, our In-Home Cooking Instruction offers fun, knowledge, and great food. If you want to learn how to cook that special meal for your wife or husband, or you want to have a small party with friends, these cooking classes are conducted in your own kitchen, and they are full of fun and knowledge. At the end of the class, you get to enjoy what we prepared! Pick your favorite meal or something you have always wanted to cook. You can choose from any type of cuisine, or ask Chef Paul to suggest something based on your likes and dislikes.
Classes are typically 3 hour long and start at $149.00 for one or two people. If you want to make it a party, it is only $25.00 for each additional person, up to 10 total guests. If you have 10 people at your party, it is only $39.90 per person, which is less expensive than eating at a nice restaurant and much more fun!
All classes include a minimum of a three course dinner, with a first course, main dish, and dessert. Cooking classes will always be based on healthy food and preparation, and will be modified for special dietary and allergy needs.
The average time for an In-Home Instruction class is three hours

Serving Healthy Kitchen Instruction

Classes conducted in the Serving Healthy kitchen are typically based on seasonal food and are offered periodically throughout the year. Prices will vary for classes at the Serving Healthy kitchen depending on the menu, please check the calendar to find a future class in which you may be interested.
For people who would like to have private or group instruction, but are not fully comfortable having someone else cooking in their kitchen, please contact Paul at Serving Healthy to discuss options for having the class at Serving Healthy or a commercial kitchen.
The average time for classes held at the Serving Healthy kitchen varies, but generally does not exceed three hours.

Special events and group events at churches or commercial kitchens

Generally these classes are organized and scheduled several months in advance by Serving Healthy and follow a pattern similar to the classes held at the Serving Healthy kitchen.
If you would like to organize an event at your church or you know of a location with a kitchen that is willing to offer healthy cooking classes, please contact Paul at Serving Healthy to discuss possible options.

Farmers Market Shop and Cook

During Farmer's Market season, special classes are available where we tour a farmer's market in your area and decide what to make for an afternoon or early evening meal. We will meet at the farmer's market mid-morning and walk around to see what is available while also discussing the nutritional benefits of the food that is available. We will determine what looks best and what can be done with those items, and then we will return to a kitchen to prepare a wonderful, fresh, and healthful meal.

*Please note: Services not conducted at the Serving Healthy office may be limited to a certain geographic area surrounding Denver, Colorado. Please view the map of our service area and contact Serving Healthy if you have any questions.

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