Nutrition Consultation

Depending on your interests, Nutrition Consultation can include a variety of services from standard consultation to grocery store tours, meal plans, cooking instruction, and even fitness guidance.

Nutrition Consultations

Your first consultation visit is free. You should expect to spend 45 minutes to 1 hour discussing your health and nutrition history and any goals you have. At the end of the session, it will be up to you to decide if you would like to continue your path toward better nutrition and health through Serving Healthy.

As a first step, please fill out the Food Preferences information. Your current food preferences and practices will provide valuable information that will assist us in determining realistic goals for your future nutrition plan.

Prior to your visit, you should print and complete the forms indicated on the Client Forms page. If you choose to fill out the forms during the consultation, please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

If you would like to schedule a session, please call 303-403-9460 or submit your information through our Contact Page.

Grocery Store Education Tours

Shopping at a grocery store can be a daunting task when you are trying to eat healthy. Learn what to look for and where to focus your time in the grocery store.

Kitchen Review

Do you already have what you need to begin your transition to a healthier lifestyle?

During the Kitchen Review, we will begin by taking a look at the kitchen tools you currently own and how they can be used to create healthy, nutritious meals. Recommendations will be made on how to get the most out of what you already own, along with suggestions for kitchen tools that may be useful for your future.. In addition to kitchen tools, we will take a look at what you normally stock in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. You will learn how easy it is to quickly make healthy meals that taste great hen you have the correct food and tools available. To help save time in your busy schedule, we will also review storage options. You will learn how to make meals ahead of time and store them for lunch and dinner throughout the week.

*Please note: Services not conducted at the Serving Healthy office may be limited to a certain geographic area surrounding Denver, Colorado. Please view the map of our service area and contact Serving Healthy if you have any questions.

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