Kitchen Essentials

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Items listed in the must have category are foods and tools that are frequently used in the recipes that are posted on our blog. Having these items on hand makes it easy to quickly put together a healthy meal.
Items listed in the nice to have category are used less frequently in our recipes, but having them on hand will allow you to change things up when you want and add a little variety to your meals.
For the most part, items listed in the fun to have category are kithen tools that allow you to experiement and have fun in the kitchen. These are not critical for enjoying a healthy nutrition plan, but they can make cooking fun and expand the variety of foods that you make and eat.

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Must Have Items:


Herbs and Spices
Canned Items
Grains, Seeds, and Nuts
Tools and Equipment
Fun To Have Items:

Kitchen Equipment:

Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer
Create fun vegetable dishes with a spiarlizer. From raw cold salads to vegetable noodles and curly baked or hot-air fried chips (with the hot air fryer shown below). A fun to have kitched tool that I use in a variety of recipes.

Hot Air Fryer/Oven
Almost fry foods with a hot air fryer. I love sweet potato fries, and the best thing is that they are not fried if you use a hot air fryer.

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